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Genetics 7 September, 2014

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At the opticians on Saturday:

Optician: Oh she’s lovely! (To E1) Your sister is so cute.
Me: Yes, she does pick her moments.
Optician: She looks so much like her brother. Haha, they have the same naughty smile.
Me: Tell me about it. Lucky me.
Optician: Hmmm. Actually, they have your smile.
Me: …


Good Days 2 May, 2014

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I felt obliged to write something given that somehow nearly two months have passed since I last surfaced on the blog. By a happy coincidence I found this in my drafts folder, unposted – I think because I’d copied it directly from Facebook and again I’d felt obliged to somehow craft it into something a little more elegant, which didn’t quite happen. On the other hand, it’s Friday, I’m feeling generally unmotivated and the sentiment here is something I should remember more frequently. Happy May Day weekend everyone.

[from 7th March]
It’s been a Good Day. The morning started with two happy children and Him was ungrumpy too, bonus. Then I had an important two-hour project board meeting. Within half an hour they’d approved all the recommendations I’d put forward – record-breaking! Lunch brought some really rather reasonable sushi and cake and then I spent my afternoon getting through all my emails and being surprised by the Jelly Belly bean lottery (I like the sarsaparilla, watermelon, coffee and raspberry ones). Then I came home to two happy children and a happy husband, we had fish and chips for dinner and I got lots of kisses from the little one just before she fell asleep. I think it’s easy to feel discontented with life if you fall into the trap of comparing yourself and your achievements with the lives you haven’t led. I need to slow down a little, remember and appreciate the little things, and count my many blessings.[end post]

Today I also saw this which made me smile: http://9gag.com/gag/a1A8ZRG?ref=fbp

Headshakes and Bargains 5 March, 2014

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Last weekend I was supposed to be working while Him took care of the kids. Naturally, after having got the easy stuff out of the way, I procrastinated on my project plan while laughing about Indian headshakes.

I usually joke that Him is being racist when he asks “You Indian ah?”, because it’s typically in response to exchanges like the following:

Him: What do you want to eat?
Me: *noncommittal waggling of head*

Him: I thought you said that was the last time.
Ethan: But this really is the last time. The last last time.

I’m actually concerned that despite Indians laughing about the video maybe it’s like those situations where you can only joke about something if you’re part of the relevant demographic. So I thought I’d finish on a different note. I’m also musing about when you get old enough to bargain like your mother.

Vignettes 18 April, 2009

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Today I was standing at the counter at the post office, minus brain, when the member of staff who was serving asked me what was in the package I was sending, and I dreamily replied “a birthday present for my mum”. It took me a few seconds to realise he wasn’t really interested in my filial piety.

Then later in the afternoon I got on the escalator and someone tried to pick me up. It would have been flattering except he was creepy, so after he told me I had a sweet face and asked whether I wanted to be his friend I politely told him that I didn’t think it was a good idea, then proceeded to look studiously in the opposite direction and thank my lucky stars that escalators are short.

In other news, today Ethan woke up and had a big milk feed, then ate a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, then had a big milk feed after his morning nap, then had a big bowl of pasta with pork, tomatoes and herbs, then snacked on a biscuit and bits of my fish while we were out in Birmingham, then had two biscuits in the car on the way home, and then had mushroom risotto for dinner before finishing off his epicurean day with a nice big milk feed. I think someone is having a growth spurt.

And finally, the reason that you have been looking at totem animal poetry for the past two months is that I have not been juggling everything successfully and have had to give priority to fending off evil nursery bugs and going to work with all my buttons buttoned in the right order.

On Intolerance 10 March, 2008

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There is someone I encounter fairly regularly, though truth be told I barely know her, who just perplexes bemuses annoys the hell out of me, and I’m trying to decide whether I’ve turned into a model of intolerance or whether I actually have cause to be perplexed/bemused/annoyed.

She started out by offering unsolicited advice on what not to do in pregnancy, and asking me whether I was experiencing morning sickness, etc. Then more recently, out of the blue she suddenly asked me ‘how are your ankles’. Then she randomly invited me along to lunch with someone else, which I regret to say I rather ungracefully and rapidly declined. But today she has really got on my wotsits by asking how on earth a tiny thing like me could possibly eat the massive amount I was warming up in the microwave for my lunch. Which is exactly what a pregnant lady coping with an expanding bum and thighs needs to hear. And it was only a jacket potato with some filling plopped on the top.


Is it just me being tetchy? I am normally unfailingly polite with people even when they are being muppets but she makes me want to just ignore her completely. Which is kind of what I did today, again much to my shame.

Small Mercies 2 January, 2008

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Ah, the incandescent joy of being able to breathe through at least one nostril.

Countdown 11 July, 2007

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Six working days to go! Six! Ahahahahaha.

(And miles to go before I sleep,
and miles to go before I sleep.)

Philosophy 4 June, 2007

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Some days, you’re the windshield, and other days you’re the bug.

47 days.

Need a hug. Or two. Or three. Maybe if you smother me completely that might be for the best, really.

On Self-Consciousness 22 May, 2007

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I think that in the end we are both lesser and greater than what we see in ourselves and what others see in us. Everywhere there are words I wish were mine; intellect I could only ever aspire to; beauty I covet; strength I envy. And perversely, the words, intellect, beauty, strength I do have – whatever their worth – I deprecate. Of course, the only logical outcome of this is that the more I try to fashion myself into the person in my head, the more I disappear. And so it happens that the words I have painstakingly crafted to reflect the person I think I should be are eventually the most stilted version of me I can imagine, and the words with which I am ultimately happiest are the ones in which I have forgotten to pretend.

Friday, In Brief 18 May, 2007

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1. Got blown away by the wind.
2. Don’t wear pointy high heels when you have to run round campus half the day.
3. Can’t write for toffee.
4. Retail therapy.
5. Have to wrap present for little munchkin who will be two tomorrow. Have no clue about munchkin presents – hope have not bought wildly inappropriate gift.
7. Want my duvet, a DVD and an ice lolly.

That is all.