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Good Days 2 May, 2014

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I felt obliged to write something given that somehow nearly two months have passed since I last surfaced on the blog. By a happy coincidence I found this in my drafts folder, unposted – I think because I’d copied it directly from Facebook and again I’d felt obliged to somehow craft it into something a little more elegant, which didn’t quite happen. On the other hand, it’s Friday, I’m feeling generally unmotivated and the sentiment here is something I should remember more frequently. Happy May Day weekend everyone.

[from 7th March]
It’s been a Good Day. The morning started with two happy children and Him was ungrumpy too, bonus. Then I had an important two-hour project board meeting. Within half an hour they’d approved all the recommendations I’d put forward – record-breaking! Lunch brought some really rather reasonable sushi and cake and then I spent my afternoon getting through all my emails and being surprised by the Jelly Belly bean lottery (I like the sarsaparilla, watermelon, coffee and raspberry ones). Then I came home to two happy children and a happy husband, we had fish and chips for dinner and I got lots of kisses from the little one just before she fell asleep. I think it’s easy to feel discontented with life if you fall into the trap of comparing yourself and your achievements with the lives you haven’t led. I need to slow down a little, remember and appreciate the little things, and count my many blessings.[end post]

Today I also saw this which made me smile: http://9gag.com/gag/a1A8ZRG?ref=fbp


It’s Been Over Four Years 24 February, 2014

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I was reminded about the existence of my blog this weekend, so took a tentative look at it and decided that I liked what I saw. Rereading some of the posts conjured up such marvellous memories that I decided it would be remiss of me not to capture more and similar, now that I am a mother of two. So yes, that’s what I’ve been busy doing over the past four and a half years; raising and guiding and teaching and occasionally losing my marbles over my now nearly-six-year-old, and learning the ropes all over again with the little dot who is my sixteen-month-old daughter.

There is probably a fair amount of ground that I’d like to document since I all-but-abandoned the blog in 2009 in favour of posting on Facebook, but for now, I thought I’d leave you with two classic exchanges between Him and me, one slightly vintage, and one hot off the press. Hello again world.

Him: Why are you using that knife to spread the butter?
Me: Because I already used it to cut the bagel.
Him: You used a non-serrated knife to cut bread?
Me: Yes.
Him: And now you’re using it to spread the butter?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do you want a screwdriver instead?
Me: Would you like me to stab you with this non-serrated knife?

(while Whatsapping, talking about a house purchase)
Him: That one is promising as well, according to the agent.
Him: Sorry… that last message was mean’t for my dad.
Me: Mean’t???
Me: Disgraceful, hope that was an autocorrect
Me: Anyway, promising as in the lady might accept the offer?
Him: Heheheee… Got someones hairs up…
Me: Alamak then where you need the apostrophe it is missing
Me: *facepalm*
Him: I guess… it need’s to be a joint decision between the two joint owners.
Me: …
Him: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

There Was a Fairly Good Reason for the Absence 23 November, 2007

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It’s Positive

The Next Big Beauty Secret 27 August, 2007

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shakeyourbooty recently sent me a beautiful portrait of our family, photographed on the happy occasion of both my sisters’ graduations. I’ve pinned it up next to my computer at work – every time it catches my eye it makes me happy, proud and homesick for family all at the same time.

Email exchange with Dad soon after:

Me: I showed our family portrait to more colleagues today and they commented on how young you look too 😉 They’re sure you must be in your 50s! More comments on how lovely Mum is. My colleague says it must be something in the water (which must be why I am ageing so fast in comparison).

Dad: If you think you are ageing fast in the UK, you know what to do! Although you do know the water here is reprocessed sewage.