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Growing Up 10 June, 2014

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Because I wanted to capture some moments:

Ethan at 2:

Ethan: Get in car. Going supermarket. Going supermarket buy biscuits.
Mummy: What sort of biscuits are you going to buy, Ethan?
Ethan: Bumblebee biscuits.
Mummy’s in chicken! (kitchen) Breakfast in microwave!
No anymore dinner. Cake!
Oooh cake! Nice cake. My have it.
Oh, dear me.

Ethan at 6:

(Talking about negative and positive numbers)
Then the plus numbers go from 1 up to googleplexy!!
(Doing maths on the computer and muttering to himself)
I had better get this one right or I’ll crucify myself.

Cake 24 May, 2014

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I am now the parent of a six-year old and a nineteen-month old. Where does the time go?

Ethan turned six on the nineteenth of this month, and we held a fabulous superhero birthday party the day before. A fabulous superhero birthday party for a fabulous superhero birthday boy requires a….

You guessed it, fabulous superhero birthday cake.

I planned to make this cake, which I’d also done for his fourth birthday party: http://www.sophisticatedgourmet.com/2010/06/chocolate-strawberry-layer-cake/ – but not with that icing, rather with fondant. In every previous year, I’ve done a trial cake a week before just to make sure it would all be fine. This year, I had no time and less inclination so… I baked the cake on Friday evening, for the party on Sunday afternoon, which would have been uneventful except that first the cake batter leaked out of all my cake tins and then I couldn’t get the cakes out after baking.

Managed to salvage that one:

Saturday was a bit of a crazy day. By 8pm the kids still weren’t in bed and the cake was neither crumb-coated nor covered in fondant (both of which I’d never done before).

Two hours later, it was double crumb-coated, having been refrigerated for an hour after each coating:

The next hour brought this:
Which stuck and wouldn’t come off the plate and then cracked in various places while I was manhandling it.

But all’s well that ends well, because:

Thoroughly chuffed, especially when I heard the birthday boy tell a friend at his party to come look at his fab cake. There might be more fondant in my future.

The Little Things 3 May, 2014

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Ethan: I’m sooooooo tired, Mummy. But it’s a REALLY HAPPY kind of tired.


It’s Been Over Four Years 24 February, 2014

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I was reminded about the existence of my blog this weekend, so took a tentative look at it and decided that I liked what I saw. Rereading some of the posts conjured up such marvellous memories that I decided it would be remiss of me not to capture more and similar, now that I am a mother of two. So yes, that’s what I’ve been busy doing over the past four and a half years; raising and guiding and teaching and occasionally losing my marbles over my now nearly-six-year-old, and learning the ropes all over again with the little dot who is my sixteen-month-old daughter.

There is probably a fair amount of ground that I’d like to document since I all-but-abandoned the blog in 2009 in favour of posting on Facebook, but for now, I thought I’d leave you with two classic exchanges between Him and me, one slightly vintage, and one hot off the press. Hello again world.

Him: Why are you using that knife to spread the butter?
Me: Because I already used it to cut the bagel.
Him: You used a non-serrated knife to cut bread?
Me: Yes.
Him: And now you’re using it to spread the butter?
Me: Yes.
Him: Do you want a screwdriver instead?
Me: Would you like me to stab you with this non-serrated knife?

(while Whatsapping, talking about a house purchase)
Him: That one is promising as well, according to the agent.
Him: Sorry… that last message was mean’t for my dad.
Me: Mean’t???
Me: Disgraceful, hope that was an autocorrect
Me: Anyway, promising as in the lady might accept the offer?
Him: Heheheee… Got someones hairs up…
Me: Alamak then where you need the apostrophe it is missing
Me: *facepalm*
Him: I guess… it need’s to be a joint decision between the two joint owners.
Me: …
Him: Hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

Ethan’s Sorry Prayer 30 July, 2011

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Someone has been horribly trying today, but how can you not forgive a little one who, upon being told at the end of the day to talk to Jesus and say sorry for all the naughty things he did today, comes out, totally unscripted, with this: “Dear Lord you are the Lord our God thank you it’s been a wonderful day and I’m going to do the things I like to do now and I’m going to play properly and I’m not going to hit Mummy anymore and I’m going to listen to Mummy I’m going to listen to you now Mummy I’m really so sorry Mummy…”

And then, upon his father coming out of the kitchen, asking what all the latest installment of screaming and crying was about, and having had a stern word, whispering to his toys: “There’s a monster in the kitchen (…) ENTER THE RED DRAGON!!”

I mean, ????

Recent Conversations 5 May, 2009

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Me: Ethan bit my toe today. I was sitting down on the chair with my leg tucked beneath me and he was standing up beside me. I looked away for a moment and all of a sudden OW.
Him: He tried to bite my ankle yesterday.
Me: Weird boy.
Me: Since when have I bitten your ankle??
Him: That’s just social norms.

#2 (eating raisins and in a contrary mood)
Him: Did you take those from the pack that was already open?
Me: There was a pack that was already open? … Well, now there are two packs that are open.
Him: Got expiry dates you know.
Me: They’re raisins.
Him: May have fungus.
Me: …
Him: …
Me: I like fungus.

The Spit of His Mummy 5 May, 2009

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Him and I have come to the conclusion that Ethan is really a lot like me. I shan’t sum up all the similarities because exhaustively counting the ways is both impossible and embarrassing*, but let’s just say he may be a Daddy’s boy in appearance, but is definitely a Mummy’s boy in spirit.

*By way of flavour, he forgets that he isn’t supposed to breathe while drinking, is quite contrary when it suits him, has no balance, loves pasta, does this weird lip-licking thing (according to Him; I have certainly detected nothing of the kind) and needs unusual amounts of cuddles.

Protected: Besotted 21 April, 2009

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Moments Like These 16 February, 2009

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After a stressful day involving an Ethan who at nursery didn’t sleep a wink and utterly refused milk from a bottle, which does not bode well for when I start work next week, he made it all better this evening by crawling round the coffee table; seeing me lying down on the sofa; squawking with delight; crawling up to me; pulling himself up; and bashing me on the nose with his balloon. And planting a big wet open-mouthed kiss on my eye.

The Baby Has Left The Building 16 February, 2009

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Part of me is missing.