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Let’s see. What do you need to know? I am besotted with my beautiful children Ethan and Erin, who teach me more every day about my capacities as well as my inadequacies. I love the smell of impending rain. Once upon a time I danced a lot, and then, as a monkey at heart, I climbed a lot. Now life as a full-time working mother-of-two has rather taken over and mostly I’m happy if I manage to keep most of the balls up in the air. God has blessed me with a lot of things, including a wonderful extended family, from whom I unfortunately live miles and miles away. I terrorise my husband. I have the worst circulation in the world. Some day, I would like to be beautiful. In the meantime, I’ll be good, and gracious, and getting back to work.



1. Jane - 9 February, 2007

Hi nat… I think this is your blog, since i clicked on the link in your email. Interesting site. But given that I’m not sure if the writer is indeed my old friend from school who has a penchant for writing poems, copying out lyrics of songs of the moment, writing all her feelings and thoughts in an exercise book under the table in class for me to read… it was harder to interpret the blog. Nevertheless, do send me an email/reply, because it’s been ages since I heard from you. Hope married life has been a bliss so far…

2. Andrea - 2 March, 2009

The monkey club 🙂
I am so glad we got in touch again!

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