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Brief soujourn at the keyboard 5 September, 2014

Posted by monopod in Blogging, Him, Self-Absorption.

I keep meaning to write and then ending up doing something that involves nothing more than mindless staring at a screen. Which sounds suspiciously similar to work on some days. I have the memory of a flea because I (think I) coast through life not paying enough attention to things, which is somewhat ironic considering that the thing I find most rewarding in my professional life involves real, genuine listening to people. When I’m not in that mode, though, I worry that all the precious memories I should be keeping forever in my mind will disappear if I don’t help myself by recording some of them here, so I can be delighted when I chance across them, maybe when I’m old and grey, or nostalgic, or lonely. So at some point in the future I am going to write about all the things that the little one is learning to say, and how I’m feeling remarkably positive about my professional life at the moment, because I think I’ve identified my vocation and I’m taking concrete steps to get there. For tonight, however, I’ll just finish off with the memory of last weekend when we scoured ingredient lists and thought hard about what additional allergen was making the nut-allergic toddler red and blotchy and puffy, only to discover that Him had put mirin in the scrambled eggs two days running. Social services, anyone?



1. ionbev - 6 September, 2014

Heehee. Oh how long have I waited for a post from monopod! :p

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