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Cake 24 May, 2014

Posted by monopod in Ethan, Food.

I am now the parent of a six-year old and a nineteen-month old. Where does the time go?

Ethan turned six on the nineteenth of this month, and we held a fabulous superhero birthday party the day before. A fabulous superhero birthday party for a fabulous superhero birthday boy requires a….

You guessed it, fabulous superhero birthday cake.

I planned to make this cake, which I’d also done for his fourth birthday party: http://www.sophisticatedgourmet.com/2010/06/chocolate-strawberry-layer-cake/ – but not with that icing, rather with fondant. In every previous year, I’ve done a trial cake a week before just to make sure it would all be fine. This year, I had no time and less inclination so… I baked the cake on Friday evening, for the party on Sunday afternoon, which would have been uneventful except that first the cake batter leaked out of all my cake tins and then I couldn’t get the cakes out after baking.

Managed to salvage that one:

Saturday was a bit of a crazy day. By 8pm the kids still weren’t in bed and the cake was neither crumb-coated nor covered in fondant (both of which I’d never done before).

Two hours later, it was double crumb-coated, having been refrigerated for an hour after each coating:

The next hour brought this:
Which stuck and wouldn’t come off the plate and then cracked in various places while I was manhandling it.

But all’s well that ends well, because:

Thoroughly chuffed, especially when I heard the birthday boy tell a friend at his party to come look at his fab cake. There might be more fondant in my future.



1. ionbev - 25 May, 2014

Yay for Nat the baker!! Btw, that choc cake recipe looks quite nice and not Too difficult (esp as I wouldn’t put the strawberry jam if I tried to make it!). Maybe I should consider making it for Ion’s birthday?? Heh

2. monopod - 10 June, 2014

Yes why not? 😉 I can help, ha.

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