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First Day 23 February, 2009

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

List of things to do, made on first day back at work: get settled in, eat breakfast next time, replenish painkiller stash, cook more, rule world.

List of things I did, made on first day back at work: missed Ethan like crazy, worried about milk supply, remembered how to walk in high heels and skirt, got new job.



1. bouncybaby - 24 February, 2009

It will get easier honey. ((hugs))

And congrats on the new job! I take it this means you’re going public? I only ask because I’m pretty sure it’s still being advertised on the web!!

2. monopod - 1 March, 2009

Oops missed this, sorry G!

It wasn’t really public at the time but I figured that hardly anyone I know IRL whom it would matter to reads this blog, so it wouldn’t really have made a difference!

It’s getting easier πŸ™‚

3. caseyleaver - 18 March, 2009

What’s the neue job? Good luck with all the transitions at once!

4. monopod - 18 April, 2009

New job is SAR in Planning!

5. bouncybaby - 21 April, 2009

New jobs! Sigh. You must let me know how to get one sometime! : )

6. caseyleaver - 21 April, 2009

Blimey – bien fait! x

7. monopod - 21 April, 2009

Thanks Casey πŸ™‚ Steep learning curve…

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