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Endings and Beginnings 15 February, 2009

Posted by monopod in Ethan.

It had to come at some point, this leaving the warm, fuzzy domesticity of maternity leave and the bliss of these first nine months. On the 23rd of February, Ethan will officially have been on the outside for one day longer than the time he spent cradled inside me, and it will be a new beginning for both of us – I go back to work and he starts nursery the way we are to go on. This week we have a series of little trial runs, with three half-days at nursery to prepare us for the week after.

So these days are a heady mix of bustle, neuroses, adrenaline and emotional love. Not looking forward to it but will grit teeth like independent professional career woman and suppress blubbering mummy. Will have tissues at the ready. Tomorrow will also have window cleaner in order to clean the smudges that will be caused by smooshing one’s face up against the nursery windows.

Wish us luck.



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