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Pieces of Me 24 January, 2009

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

We all need a reminder every now and again that we are not lousy lost causes. So here is a post celebrating all the things I can think of that I like about myself. Tagging bouncybaby and Bev to do the same. Not that I’ve thought you to be lousy lost causes. Well, not recently, anyway.

So, for the record:
I like how I can be super diplomatic and tactful – have been the mediator and the gentle persuader for as long as I can remember.
I like the fact that I always try to stand up for the underdog or give someone the benefit of the doubt.
I like the fact that I always try to be fair and avoid saying anything about someone I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to their face.
I like being very petite.
I like how the smallest things make me happy.
I like how I am easily amused.
I like the fact that I am striving to be the best mamma I can to my little one.
I like being affectionate and demonstrative towards all my loved ones.
I like being able to laugh at myself.

I don’t particularly like the fact that this list doesn’t seem to be particularly long.



1. bouncybaby - 24 January, 2009

Oh, dear, I don’t particularly like the fact that this list has set a high standard…..

Okay, okay, I’ll get my thinking hat on.

2. monopod - 24 January, 2009


But ‘er – don’t think so’ to ‘high standard’.

See, even while celebrating we feel the need to be self-deprecatory.

3. bouncybaby - 25 January, 2009

‘Tis the nature of the beast (the beast being us, or at the very least, little monsters….).

4. bouncybaby - 25 January, 2009

I like that you’re so precise.
I like that you keep in touch with me.
I like that you show a real interest in others’ lives.
I like that you smile a lot.
I like that you’re calming.
I like that you make me laugh.
I like that you make me think.
I like that you make me care.
I like that you make me happy.
I like that you go shopping with me!!
I like you!!

5. monopod - 25 January, 2009

Are you talking about me, G??? That is so sweet! Thank you 🙂

6. bouncybaby - 25 January, 2009

Thought your list really ought to be longer. It’s much easier to think/speak/write well of others than yourself.

7. bev - 4 February, 2009

I haven’t done it yet! ;p

8. monopod - 4 February, 2009

Yes, I noticed 😉

9. caseyleaver - 18 March, 2009

I like it when you find something funny but are too discrete to actually laugh.
I like the way that you bring order to chaotic input from lots of people.
I like the way you gently interprete and pass on rougher original statements/requests to get the best from people.
I like your fashion sense.
I like your dry humour and wit.
I like your precision.

10. monopod - 18 April, 2009

Casey… I haven’t been on here for ages and have just seen this. Thank you *so* much; it was really sweet of you 🙂

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