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Ethan 12 January, 2009

Posted by monopod in Ethan.

I was looking at photos of the little one today and getting all nostalgic about his early days. I can’t believe how much he’s changed in his first seven months; it’s like he’s a completely different baby.

Ethan, these are just a few of the precious things I want to remember about our first seven months together.

– The way you used to fall asleep during every single feed and how your papa and I had to poke and prod and cajole you to eat just a little more. I loved the way I would sit you up to try and wake you and you would steadfastly refuse to do so, your little chin nestled firmly in the palm of my hand.

– The way you used to do that little rhythmic sigh, like a tiny snore; the one your grandma and grandpa said sounded like you saying ‘E-than. E-than.’

– How it was such a struggle in the first few weeks to get you latched on properly, and how you’re such an old hand at it now, you can eat in any direction imaginable. Even upside down.

– All the funny antics you’ve been coming up with to make my life while changing your nappy a real challenge. Like pelvic raises. Then ramrod-straight legs. Crossed at the ankles. And most recently: rolling over, placing your hands JUST WHERE I HAVEN’T WIPED YOU YET, and refusing to let go of your clean nappy so I can put it on you.

– The way you: blow spit bubbles; laugh; grin; reach out for me; protest; moan yourself to sleep; cuddle your Boo; sneeze when the lights are switched on; touch my face; get excited about mirrors; and snuggle your head into my shoulder when it’s time for bed.

You are such a blessing and I will always always always always love you. Even if you grow up to become a nutter.

I love you,



1. bouncybaby - 12 January, 2009

I wish I could say that so eloquently. Well put, honey.

2. bouncybaby - 13 January, 2009

Why am I a little monster?!

3. Michelle - 13 January, 2009

Aw, what a lovely post. Let’s have more of these for every month! 🙂 I especially like the image of resolutely sleeping Ethan with his chin nestled into your palm.

4. monopod - 13 January, 2009

G, that question is just ASKING for it really, isn’t it? Little monster. Tee hee. I didn’t think it was particularly eloquent but I’m glad you think so!

Mich – glad you liked it. Doubtful that I could manage one per month but I shall try to be soppy on a more regular basis 😉

5. Ellie Clewlow - 14 January, 2009

I probably qualify for a prize for being the least maternal of people, but I just wanted to say how beautiful and moving this post is.

6. monopod - 14 January, 2009

Thanks Ellie 🙂

7. bouncybaby - 24 January, 2009

N, I’m beginning to suspect that due to posts like this you’re responsible for me being schmaltzier in recent weeks……

8. monopod - 24 January, 2009

How very dare you brand me schmaltzy.

9. bouncybaby - 24 January, 2009

I didn’t, I said you were making me schmaltzy, so neh-neh-neh-neh-neh!

10. monopod - 24 January, 2009

‘Twas a reasonable inference to draw 😛

11. bouncybaby - 24 January, 2009

Untrue! Your posts suggest self-examination and reflexion, which I have then done and built upon. SO NYEH!!!!

12. monopod - 25 January, 2009


13. bouncybaby - 25 January, 2009

Did I honestly spell reflection like that?! I am so embarrassed!

14. monopod - 25 January, 2009

I thought you were being all Austen-ish…

Just about to email you about this week!

15. bouncybaby - 25 January, 2009

Cool, I’ll check my Inbox then (now that you’ve prompted me; am usually terrible for remembering….).

And no, not Austen-ish, just Kermit-ish.

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