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Announcement 30 September, 2008

Posted by monopod in Ethan.

I am compelled to announce that ETHAN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT



1. SePPiE - 30 September, 2008

It must be because it was Daddy’s birthday yesterday and he didn’t wana disturb 🙂 But his Daddy didn’t reply my happy birthday SMS tho. *sniff* 😦

2. bouncybaby - 30 September, 2008

You’re feeling the need to rub it in via all forms of media, then? I’ll await the postcard.

3. monopod - 30 September, 2008

bouncy – spoilsport *huffy sniff*

SePPiE – I will go poke him for you and tell him to learn some manners.

4. bouncybaby - 30 September, 2008

I’m chuffed for you honey. Long may it last. Hugs!!

5. monopod - 1 October, 2008

Of course, it came back to bite me in the bum because he woke up 6 times last night and today has been total rubbish. Bring on the sedatives.

6. caseyleaver - 1 October, 2008

Wooo Hoo though. Even WOOT!

7. bouncybaby - 5 October, 2008

Sedatives for you or for Ethan……?

8. bouncybaby - 31 October, 2008

OK honey, this has been your last post for waaaaayyyy too long! Whatcha up to??


9. monopod - 3 November, 2008

waaaaaaaa is it November??? G I need to email you! I have only just checked in on your blog and am so sorry for not giving you the love and attention that you so fully deserve 😉 will pop along soon…

10. bouncybaby - 3 November, 2008

Knowing you’re all alive and kicking is enough for now, honey! lol

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