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Charity Begins At Home 7 September, 2008

Posted by monopod in Ethan.

Me: Look Ethan! See what mummy got for you! They are your friends! See? See your friends? Can you hit them?
Him: …
Me: What?


1. Casey - 11 September, 2008

The best way to get any friendship off on a sound footing!

2. bouncybaby - 15 September, 2008

Bouncy: What? Perfectly normal suggestion!!

3. bouncybaby - 15 September, 2008

PS, do you have a Bumbo seat or similar? Alyssum’s grown out of ours so if you want it, just yell, or I’ll stick it in the charity bag.

4. Alison - 18 September, 2008

Hope you’re well and enjoying motherhood! 🙂

After seeing the link from your blog, I’ve bought a set of these rattles for a friend who’s got 9 week old twins (2 girls). I’ll be visiting the girls next week and am wondering whether to get another set or whether to get a different present as well.

Do you put all 4 rattle things on Ethan at the same time – or would 4 between the twins be ok?

If I get them something else (probably up to £10, though I could be persuaded to spend more), what would you recommend? My friend definitely doesn’t want clothes (the girls have tons of clothes already).

Best wishes

5. monopod - 20 September, 2008

Hey there Alison – have emailed you directly 🙂

Casey – indeed 😉

G – hallo!!! I messaged you back; did you get it? And I would absolutely love to have the Bumbo seat please… I was thinking about getting one for Ethan but was hesitant to buy without trying because I read that babies have been flipping themselves out by arching themselves back (which is exactly what he likes to do). Plus he doesn’t particularly like sitting down for some reason 😛

6. bouncybaby - 21 September, 2008

Hey honey!! Did you have a lovely break?

You’re very welcome to the Bumbo; is there a good time for me to pop in and give it to you? And dare I hope for a cup of tea while I’m there?! lol

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