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Things Motherhood Teaches You 13 July, 2008

Posted by monopod in Baby.

(1) You can do a lot of things with your other hand, your toes, your elbows and pretty much every other body part that isn’t otherwise currently occupied with holding the baby.
(2) You develop an enduring fascination with bodily secretions, the noisier and more forceful the better. Apart from bodily secretions from the nether regions, joy is a big booger. By way of proof of interest, see The Many Diverse Uses of Boogers.
(3) That annoying thing where women start calling their partners ‘daddy’ even when they’re not talking to their babies? Yeah, you’re doing it too.
(4) A smile never had so much mileage.
(5) Even if you thought that you were generally rather a chilled-out person, motherhood is nearly guaranteed to bring out the neurotic in you. See Impetigo. So you will alternately be beaming with pride that your baby is putting on lovely amounts of weight and fraught with worry that he’s becoming a chubster. You will also worry that you are overfeeding him, misreading his hunger cues, carrying/stimulating him too much, not carrying/stimulating him enough, missing his sleep windows, letting him sleep too much, et cetera.

I’m off to overfeed my baby now.



1. bouncybaby - 15 July, 2008

(1) Even the hand/arm holding the baby gets involved in your ‘doings’ eventually.
(2) Try a baby nose clear when baby has a cold – you will not believe what can come out of such a small nose!
(3) Yup, even in public (shame).
(4) Especially when there are dimples and/or teeth you’re trying to count involved.
(5) I don’t know if I was ever chilled-out, but I’m burning up these days!! lol

Miss you, hon! Gxx

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