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Mastitis Schmastitis 13 July, 2008

Posted by monopod in Baby.

I think I may unintentionally have encouraged an already overactive milk supply by all this enthusiastic pumping. As a result I have to call my GP tomorrow morning because I may very well have given myself mastitis. Hurrah for squirty boobs.



1. bouncybaby - 15 July, 2008

Did you manage an appointment today, hon?? Any news?


2. monopod - 16 July, 2008

No! But we had to go to the GP anyway for the little one’s 8-week developmental checkup so I asked the doc while I was there. He said that they would try not to give antibiotics anyway if I was breastfeeding and that if the fever had gone and the pain had lessened, to just keep on doing what I was doing (ibuprofen and the mother of all painful breast massages). Seem to be recovering gradually…

3. bouncybaby - 17 July, 2008

Oh, that’s such good news! It would be awful to give up breastfeeding. So it;ll be a case of gritted teeth and a fondle round your delicate bits, then? Could be worse!!



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