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Growing Up 1 July, 2008

Posted by monopod in Baby.

Mum and Dad flew home on Saturday night. I was fine at the airport but once we got back, there was no Dad on the armchair tapping away at his computer and no Mum whizzing around the house, and I knew I had to do this grown-up thing now that the little one was depending almost entirely on me, but you know what – sod being grown-up, sensible and self-sufficient: the house was empty, I missed them like crazy, and I just wanted them back.

Sunday I was tired, nursing a migraine (and a baby), and strongly aware that this was the first day that we were alone with the little one. At night, when he was overtired and screaming during his nappy change, even though Him was with me, I had another moment of HELP I CAN’T DO THIS.

Rinse and repeat, tomorrow we’ll have a better day.



1. bouncybaby - 3 July, 2008

I’ll say this once and in big letters so you have no option but to take it in:


Trust me on this, there was nobody less prepared for motherhood than me, and I’m managing with two of them at home under my feet. Whilst I will confess to being relieved of the help from the family this week and grateful for the break and relief from the pressure on me, I know that I’ll be fine to pick it up again at home again in a few days.

You are doing well and will continue to do well. I have complete and utter faith in you and your abilities. It’s amazing what we can and do manage when we have to. There will be hard times but it will all be good in the end; just prioritise and realise that you don’t have to try to be a Supermom, because all moms are super.

And if your faith in yourself does waver a little, then call me and I’ll come straight over. Any time (as long as I’m in the country! lol).

Much love and bearhugs,


2. monopod - 3 July, 2008

Thanks G, you are a complete sweetie 🙂 I needed that!


3. bev - 6 July, 2008

I am sure you’ll do great. No experience in the said area, but I’m sure it’s like all other trials – True strength comes at the most difficult times. Ethan is doing good! Getting big and heavy so it seems? Heh =) Can’t wait to see him live in Dec! =P

4. monopod - 6 July, 2008

Thanks Bev 🙂 And yes, he is getting big and heavy – oof!

5. bouncybaby - 12 July, 2008

Ah yes, the other thing about babies is that it’s a great upper body workout to look after them. Wait until you’re carrying two around….

6. monopod - 13 July, 2008

Two? Who mentioned TWO?

7. bouncybaby - 15 July, 2008

Just you wait…..

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