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29 Weeks 1 March, 2008

Posted by monopod in Maternity Musings.

I have 8 weeks of work left before I go on maternity leave, and think I am beginning to understand why so many people say they wish they had stopped working sooner. At nearly 29 weeks I seem to be developing a whole host of pregnancy cliches like unstable hips; a growing inability to put on my shoes, cut my toenails or turn over in bed properly; or sleep without dreaming of serial killers/giving birth within two seconds in a supermarket/eating multiple eggs before realising I’m not supposed to eat egg whites and then having to contemplate heaving up the lot.

I am also walking like a little old lady and have had to abandon all my 3-inch heels in favour of not falling head over heels down/up the stairs/along the corridors at work. Having said that I was quite chuffed to have been told twice in the past week that I was looking fabulous, so I clearly deserve some brownie points for not having given up completely (not just yet, anyway).

It has also taken some adjustment being a bit cuddlier and less angular than normal. Half of me is sensible and realises that without the extra padding, six months and more of exclusive breastfeeding as per the plan is probably going to result in something akin to a shrivelled crone. The other half looks in the mirror and thinks ARRRGGGGHHH LOOK AT THOSE THIGHS. Then I come full circle and decide that the pregnant body is actually an incredibly sexy and womanly creation and I should really be enjoying it while it lasts. On the whole, that last mindset is the one I think I’ll stick with.

Perhaps the biggest change, though, is the inability that I seem to have developed to get truly stressed, together with having acquired the gift of a proper work-life balance. This is why I am blogging after having gone shopping and for a nice lunch, when the actual plan for today was to finish typing up a set of notes and get a speech well underway, and why, at 15:23, I think I might go and have a nap soon. Somehow things will get done. And they do.



1. bouncybaby - 1 March, 2008

Unfortunately, it seems that only experience will influence mums-to-be when it comes to giving up work. I am incredibly glad I gave up when I did or I wouldn’t have coped – there speaks the person who worked to within a few weeks of her due date the first time around.

Sounds like your life is balancing out nicely at the moment! Can’t wait to see you, especially since I’m finding it hard to picture you as anything other than angular. It’s been a while so I have no idea what to expect! Let me know when you fancy a trip to visit us and I’ll send you directions. We haven’t quite reached the level of bravery required to venture out of the house en masse yet…


2. monopod - 1 March, 2008

I quite fancy a trip to see you next weekend, actually. This week will be tough and I am sure that I will need to unwind by making google eyes at tiny Aly 🙂

As for being angular/cuddly… well, it’s all relative really isn’t it? Him looked at me this morning and would only concede that my sternum doesn’t jab him as much in the chest as it used to.

3. bouncybaby - 5 March, 2008

Hi hon – only just spotted this!! Sorry!! I’ve got the family visiting this weekend to meet Alyssum and spoil AJ on his birthday, so it’s going to be chaotic around here.

Feel free to visit any time you want from Monday onwards – from which time I’ll be on my own with two kids for the first time….eeeeek!!!!!

4. monopod - 6 March, 2008

I’ve emailed you 🙂

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