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Actually, I Think I Might Be Pregnant 25 January, 2008

Posted by monopod in Maternity Musings.

I’d barely gotten well and now I’ve fallen ill again. I don’t know how long this particular bug is going to last but I’ve been taking regular doses of paracetamol since Wednesday and gargling with salt water, and the good news is that things so far appear to be under control. Prognosis is therefore that this one, thankfully, won’t be a keeper.

All this has in itself taken some getting used to as I’m generally one of the only people not to get ill when a bug wings its way around the office – in fact the last time I remember being down with a bad cold/flu was in 2002.

Other than the suppressed immune system this pregnancy has so far pretty much been smooth sailing. I had hardly any problems in the first few months apart from some fatigue and vague queasiness between weeks 5 and 7, and then only some backache and a touch of sciatica so far during this second trimester. So this is why Thursday morning came as a bit of a surprise.

Physically I was feeling very tired and pretty awful but went in to work anyway as I had commitments to fulfil. This is normally par for the course but subsequent developments then proceeded to completely sideswipe me after my boss, in a typically jolly mood, asked if I had a couple of minutes to spare. I made it to the door of his office, whereupon he looked at me askance and asked me whether I was ok – whereupon I horrified myself by bursting into tears and going utterly to pieces.

I have never been so embarrassed. Everyone, including my boss, was wonderful and fantastically supportive – they left me alone for a little while on the sofa in my boss’ office with my colleague’s box of Miffy tissues, during which time I unsuccessfully attempted to pull it together despite firm admonitions to self, and then, after some very kind words and hugs, they got one of our drivers to send me home despite my protestations. Final dénouement was a massive bawl on Him’s shoulder once I’d made it home, swiftly followed by a comforting meal of ice cream and chips.

I am better today, if still woefully embarrassed by inexplicably and suddenly losing control like that and mortified to think about having put on such a ghastly unprofessional display. Today I mused that it felt like someone else had taken over my body, at which point I was reminded that actually, I wasn’t very far off the mark.



1. bouncybaby - 26 January, 2008

Call any time, hon. I’m pretty much housebound these days!!

2. monopod - 26 January, 2008

I just burst into tears again because I knocked my foot on the door, for crying out loud. Who is this woman???

3. bouncybaby - 27 January, 2008

One with a sore foot??

4. monopod - 27 January, 2008

One whose hormones are in an unrecognisable twist 😦

5. bouncybaby - 27 January, 2008

aka ‘pregnant’. Trust me – that’s ’nuff said.

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