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New Year Resolutions 20 January, 2008

Posted by monopod in Maternity Musings, Miscellaneous.

I hardly ever make any New Year resolutions, mainly because it’s never occurred to me to do so, but also because I quite imagine that most of them would be doomed to failure. I also realise that we are more than halfway through January already, so the timeliness of this endeavour is somewhat off-kilter.

But since this year is going to be a year of new developments in many ways, I’ve come up with two resolutions to share with you.

The first is not to make our child’s first year a dysfunctional one. I think I may already have broken that one because I’ve been singing “Old Turkey Buzzard”* to the poor unsuspecting babe in the womb. Ah well.

The second is to learn some geography already, dammit, because I have played the “Traveler IQ Challenge” and my lack of knowledge about where things are is so eyebrow-raising I’m just going to go curl up under my duvet now for the rest of the afternoon, in horror .

*It is true that there is nothing inherently dysfunctional about this song. But all I can remember of my mum singing it to me is the lines up to ‘awaiting for something down below to die’.



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