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That Will Put You In Your Place 29 December, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him.

Last night:

Me: When you next go shopping at Sainsbury’s can you please buy me some Covent Garden Soup Co. Smoked Haddock Chowder? {blah blah about how it’s a nice filling breakfast and doesn’t contain any of the things I’m not supposed to eat}

This morning:

Him: Ok, I think we should get something to eat before we head out.
Me: Something moist would be nice… can I have some smoked haddock chowder please
Him: …
Me: …
Him: How about a mince pie. I’ll soak it in water for you.



1. bouncybaby - 29 December, 2007

Ummm, I think the only possible comment I can make to that is: ‘Men!’…lol

2. monopod - 1 January, 2008

Bless him, he puts up with enough from me so he’s allowed!

3. bouncybaby - 1 January, 2008

That sounds remarkably like my relationship with Bumpster! lol

4. Casey - 2 January, 2008

I was going to add to the other post that surely chicken nuggets etc. contain ‘insupportable’ items?

5. monopod - 2 January, 2008

Not Tesco’s Organic range, strangely enough… they are actually quite good for you! That’s my excuse anyway.

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