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Maternal Musings #1 Annex 1 – On a More Serious Note 27 December, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him, Maternity Musings.

I just want to reassure Him that my last post was indeed tongue-in-cheek pregnancy paranoia, notwithstanding the fact that, despite recognition that the vast majority of babies develop and are born without incident, it is all too easy to get yourself mired in worry about whether the baby is going to be healthy.

Well, I haven’t made a habit of worrying in years, and I’m not about to start now. So onward we go, doing the best we can and leaving the rest up to God.

Him is often the target of good-natured teasing on this blog – it was, after all, never intended to be a soul-baring exercise, and much of what I love and live for isn’t recorded here for posterity. Which is why I don’t say enough on here about how incredible he is. Well, for once I’m going to, because I am in awe of how much of yourself you give and continue selflessly to give, with nary a word of complaint. You just do, you are just there, and I can never thank God enough for the blessing that you are. I love you.



1. bouncybaby - 27 December, 2007

Aww! I’m sure he appreciates you, too! lol

Oh, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sicky-rotten too! You must take care of yourself!!! It’s not good when you’re ill enough to go to A&E. It’s hard, I know, but think of yourself as well as the bump. I’ve been having nightmares about the fact that I’ve taken Sinex when it says it should be recommended by a GP first, but if I hadn’t taken it I don’t think I’d have coped I figured it was the lesser of the evils, and I certainly wouldn’t have taken any tablets when they said not to in pregnancy – it’s a balancing act, and all we can do is try our best.

Sending you loads of love!


2. monopod - 27 December, 2007

Thanks G 🙂 I am very glad to say that I am feeling much better this evening having rested and dozed the day away. Some retail therapy has also not gone amiss and I’m now looking forward to the arrival of my first maternity tops in the post courtesy of Isabella Oliver – doing some shopping for lingerie on Figleaves now too because having gone up up to three cup sizes I now have only one bra that fits (and inexplicably that is causing me some pain despite having been fitted by the lovely ladies at Bravissimo :P)

Let’s see what I’ve taken – paracetamol (ok), chlorphenamine (also ok, according to both my sister and dad), Olbas oil (who the heck knows – so many mixed verdicts, but it helped me breathe on more than one occasion and pharmacists and midwives have I see historically recommended it, so there we go).

3. bouncybaby - 28 December, 2007

Ooh, Bumpster brought me some Olbas oil pastilles yesterday. They say they’re absolutely fine in pregnancy after the first three months – I’m sucking away on one right now!! I’m not saying they’re the best in the world, but they do help for a bit and you can take up to 8 in a day, which is also great as you feel like you’re spreading out your medication! It’s horrible when you’re counting the minutes until you can take your next dose of whatever… I’ve been stationary today due to massive head pains – thrill.

Congrats on the bump and cup sizes, btw – that’s pretty impressive! Phew!

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