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The Next Big Beauty Secret 27 August, 2007

Posted by monopod in Family.

shakeyourbooty recently sent me a beautiful portrait of our family, photographed on the happy occasion of both my sisters’ graduations. I’ve pinned it up next to my computer at work – every time it catches my eye it makes me happy, proud and homesick for family all at the same time.

Email exchange with Dad soon after:

Me: I showed our family portrait to more colleagues today and they commented on how young you look too 😉 They’re sure you must be in your 50s! More comments on how lovely Mum is. My colleague says it must be something in the water (which must be why I am ageing so fast in comparison).

Dad: If you think you are ageing fast in the UK, you know what to do! Although you do know the water here is reprocessed sewage.



1. bouncybaby - 3 September, 2007

Hahahahahaha! I laughed the first time you told me, and I laughed again today! Welcome back to work (groan).

2. monopod - 3 September, 2007

Yeh I love my Dad 🙂

I actually enjoyed today. It was non-stop action all the way but I got a lot done! Although, having thought about it, speak to me again at the end of the week and I may want to put a different slant on it…

3. bouncybaby - 4 September, 2007

I spent the entire flippin’ day reading through emails, actioning the really urgent ones and the ones that could be done really quickly (just to get them out of the way), opened my post (well, most of it) and checking voicemail. I achieved precisely zip.

4. monopod - 4 September, 2007

You gotta think positive! Redefine achievement.


5. bouncybaby - 5 September, 2007

I achieved: getting through the day without screaming (out loud) and without trying to throttle anyone. Hey, I did achieve some things!!!

Thanks, N!!

6. monopod - 5 September, 2007

*dances around madly*

7. bev - 7 September, 2007

So therefore, you need a water treatment system so you won’t age so fast..

8. monopod - 11 September, 2007

I don’t get it Bevie. Is this something you’re marketing too? *suspicious look* 😉

Love you!

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