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Catching Up Gracelessly 26 August, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him, Holidays.

And just like that, nearly a month has gone by. Funny thing that – you think you have a handle on spending time wisely and then the passage of three weeks smacks you in the face.

Ah well, here we are again, and just about to head off to the Lakes for the second time this summer -perhaps this time we may even get some summer weather. It occurred to me that since we are likely to collect further tasty bits of conversation while we’re out there, as you do, now might be a good time to put down for posterity some of the ones that made me laugh in July. In lieu of photographs, because I’m too neurotic to take them, memories in the monopod household are made of these.

(Near Seathwaite)
Me: Awww! That lamb is so cute.
Him: Mmmmmm. Tulang.

(On a walk around Ennerdale Lake)
Me (spying a small drowned mouse): Oh. Poor thing.

Me: I wonder what sort of mouse it is.

Me: Oh, I know.
Him: What?
Me: A dead one.

(On a scree descent – Him going very easy because of foot problems)
Him: Sorry. My feet are so rubbish.
Me: Awww. It’s ok, dear. Your hands are really nice.
Him: {unimpressed mumble}
Me: You know, by way of comparison.
Him: Huh.
Me: It’s a compliment. Accept it, you big numpty.

There were a few more but looking back they’re not funny anymore. Consider yourself spared.



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