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Pedantry 4 August, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him.

Much to post, but in between trying to qualify as a reflexologist (and falling dismally behind, but that’s another discouraging story), trying to enjoy what’s left of my leave from work and getting somewhat stressed by the fact that we may be moving house next Friday (that is, of course, if our purchaser finally stops being such a laggard) and virtually nothing is packed, I thought I’d just leave you with this exchange.

Me: I’ve had my hi-fi upstairs for eight years.
Him: You know, there are two ways one could interpret that.
Me: Well, I couldn’t possibly have had it upstairs for eight years, could I. Seeing as we’ve only been here for three.
Me: I’ve had my hi-fi, comma, which is upstairs, comma, for eight years. Happy now?
Him: {big grin}
Me: Pedant.



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