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Killing Machine 21 June, 2007

Posted by monopod in Miscellaneous.

I just killed a spider.

Inadvertently, you understand. As usual (oblivious to Him nagging me to stop being so unhouseproud), this morning I left my cup on my desk after finishing my apple juice.

The poor devil went in for a wander, got stuck and ripped his own legs off while trying to escape.




1. Marsha - 22 June, 2007

this post is hilarious (in a perverted way, you understand)

2. monopod - 22 June, 2007

Poor chappie…

But I was an unwilling accessory to murder. I blame the apple juice.

3. shakeyourbooty - 22 June, 2007

eeeeeeeeeeeeee! but i can’t visualise how it managed to do that? Poor spider =(

4. monopod - 22 June, 2007

Yah 😦

5. Marsha - 24 June, 2007

me thinks the spider was lacking in calcium. such weak legs … =(
(but actually =D … )

6. bouncybaby - 27 June, 2007

There must be more humane ways!

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