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Crag 21 June, 2007

Posted by monopod in Climbing.

I am currently entertaining the radical new prospect that there must be a job out there that is fun, exciting and still pays good money. I probably need to start playing the lottery.

The week hasn’t been all bad, though. Saturday and Sunday were absolutely brilliant – weekend in the Peaks, getting my first proper taste of real rock after the longest time climbing only at the indoor wall. We spent Saturday at the Roaches (met Doug Moller!), camped overnight, and then Sunday at Stanage Popular End. It is a thoroughly beautiful part of the world.

I never enjoyed team sports at school – it was always the solitary pursuit, competing with yourself, that got me going. Being on the crag is one of the best feelings in the world. Well, it is for me, anyway. There I am complete, free, accomplished. On the crag it is silence; you and the rock.

Routes climbed (top-roping/seconding with beta):

Roaches: Chicken Run, Heather Slab, Right Route, Black Velvet
Stanage: Black Hawk Hell Crack, Gargoyle Buttress, Narrow Buttress, Easter Rib

The only problem with satisfying time spent outdoors is that every time I come back with more things that I want to buy. At the moment the list reads as follows:

Blue Superfeet
– New rock shoes (Velcro ones! If anyone knows of a pair that will be as good as my Red Chilli Spirits have been, pray tell – need a very narrow/low-volume heel, low instep and a relatively wide forefoot. Have tried Evolv Elektras but they fit funny)
– Sleeping bag (currently eyeing up the North Face Cat’s Meow)
– Approach shoes (have real problems trying to find something suitable – it took me ages to find a boot in which heel lift wasn’t a problem (Raichle Mt Trail GTX, which are excellent), but sadly Raichle shoes have a completely different fit. Currently musing over a few pairs that are actually trail runners, though I’m not sure they’re suitable for what I want them for (approaching crags and summer hiking))
– Havaianas (ok, not exactly outdoor gear)
– Trekking poles (for the dodgy knees on steep descents – possibly Mountain King ones)

Which I suppose kind of gets us back to playing the lottery.



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