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In Which She Says Inconsequential Things 7 June, 2007

Posted by monopod in Food.

I like sour mangoes, and I want to eat a heaping big bowl of spinach.



1. Gond - 8 June, 2007

Something you maybe want to tell us, N??

2. monopod - 8 June, 2007

What?? Nooooo. I wish. 😉 Just comfort eating 😛

3. Gond - 8 June, 2007

I can’t say I would find those things very comforting. Where’s the chocolate? Where are the brownies? Still, each to their own I suppose!

4. monopod - 8 June, 2007

I’m allergic to chocolate. Booooooo.

I can have great big bowls of ice-cream though 🙂

5. Marsha - 8 June, 2007

hmmmmm……….you SURE it’s not something else????? *wink wink*????

6. monopod - 8 June, 2007

If it were you’d be one of the first to know 😉

7. Gond - 8 June, 2007

I didn’t know that! I don’t know how I’d survive without chocolate, but you’ve probably already guessed that about me! I don’t like ice-cream, though.

Can I be one of the first to know, too??!!

8. monopod - 8 June, 2007

Noted 😉

Today’s irrational craving is ice kachang.

9. Gond - 8 June, 2007

Methinks that ice kachang is a very posh slush puppy!

10. monopod - 8 June, 2007

Ah, but with an ice kachang you get the added bonus of “a large serving of attap chee (palm seed), red beans, sweetcorn, grass jelly, cubes of agar agar and chendol” in the bottom of the bowl.


11. Gond - 8 June, 2007

Sounds like a RUINED slush puppy to me! Still, since you can’t eat chocolate I suppose you have to make do where you can!


12. Marsha - 10 June, 2007

arghghghghgh …. there goes my waistline!

13. bouncybaby - 15 June, 2007

It’s 8.25am and I really fancy a chicken korma and mushroom rice. Garlic naan bread on the side sounds good, too. With a glass of Ribena. Mmmm.

Off I go to have my boring old breakfast of tea and toast. Poo.

14. bouncybaby - 15 June, 2007

And now that I’ve been thinking about it I feel sick. Maybe just stick to a glass of water.

15. bouncybaby - 15 June, 2007


16. monopod - 15 June, 2007

LOL! Have you just blown your cover bouncybaby?

17. bouncybaby - 15 June, 2007

I think that may indeed be the case! Who reads your blog that I have to worry about working it out?! Casey, for definite. Anyone else??

Oops indeedy!

18. monopod - 16 June, 2007

I edited you 😉

19. bouncybaby - 18 June, 2007

Heehee! Told Casey on the off-chance that she would see it, anyway! Just crossing fingers for nobody else!

Heehee again!

20. shakeyourbooty - 22 June, 2007

i like sour mangoes too.. and spinach.. but it needs to have sambal on it =) I miss you!

21. monopod - 22 June, 2007

I miss you too 😦 Come and visit me! We can go for a circus skills workshop together 😀

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