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Philosophy 4 June, 2007

Posted by monopod in Observations.

Some days, you’re the windshield, and other days you’re the bug.

47 days.

Need a hug. Or two. Or three. Maybe if you smother me completely that might be for the best, really.



1. Marsha - 5 June, 2007

sending a *big hug* your way …. =)

2. monopod - 5 June, 2007


3. Gond - 5 June, 2007

Ooh, virtual hugging – maybe if we get enough huggers it will eventually become a pile-on!

You’ve got my hug, N!

4. Case - 5 June, 2007

If you see me hoving into view holding a pillow and wearing a determined look – it will be a mission of mercy! ;D

5. monopod - 5 June, 2007

Ah, Casey… angel of death.

*hugs Gond back* – hey, any luck with Midlands circus workshops?

6. Dad - 6 June, 2007

Hug Hug Hug 🙂

7. Gond - 6 June, 2007

Hope you’re feeling all warm and fuzzy after all the virtual hugs that came your way. I gave up in frustration on Friday of trying to find a local circus course that wasn’t just juggling and tumbling – I’m thinking it’s the trapeze and tightrope walking skills I want to try out! I’ll keep looking…

8. monopod - 6 June, 2007

😀 Love you Dad!

G – very warm and fuzzy 😉 I’ll try looking too 🙂

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