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The Circus Is In Town 29 May, 2007

Posted by monopod in Miscellaneous.

I SO want to do this: Circus Space (the whole-day introduction to circus skills)

Anyone want to come along with me?



1. Gond - 30 May, 2007

That looks like amazing fun, and I would so love to jump in and say ‘sign me up’, but I can’t justify the expense. The only way I could manage it would be to ask for someone to buy it for me for my birthday or something. Argh. You’re frustrating me, Nat!!

2. Case - 30 May, 2007

Western Skills – Yee-hah.

Were did I leave that lassoo?

3. monopod - 30 May, 2007

Aw, sorry 😦 It *is* on the pricey side… they do do half-days for £49 though, but that’s without the diabolo, acrobatic tumbling, stilt-walking and tight-wire walking…

Travel costs to London too 😦


4. Gond - 30 May, 2007

Exactly! If you want to do it as birthday treats (for both of us!!) in November, I’m your girl!

5. monopod - 30 May, 2007

I was kinda thinking July or August 😛

6. Gond - 30 May, 2007

Well poo to that then!!

7. monopod - 30 May, 2007


If you can find a course running in the Midlands to which we could pootle along to more easily then I’ll look at subsidising you 😉

8. Gond - 30 May, 2007

Ooh, know what I’m doing in my lunch break on Friday!!!!!!!! I LOVE the Internet!

9. bev - 1 June, 2007

meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i wish i were there…

10. monopod - 1 June, 2007

There you go then. There’s a good reason for finally coming to visit me after a gazillion years.

11. Gond - 6 June, 2007

To heck with it, sign me up, N. There’s not going to be anywhere else that does anything this good. I’m in. Let’s discuss sometime!

12. Gond - 6 June, 2007
13. monopod - 7 June, 2007

G I’m very exciiiiiitedddddd 😛

14. Gond - 7 June, 2007

So am I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait.

15. Gond - 11 June, 2007

Umm…need to talk to you about this, N. May be a small fly in the ointment…..!!!!!!

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