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And, Just Like That, Spring Bank Holiday Is Nearly Gone 28 May, 2007

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption, Weekends.

This weekend I have, among other less noteworthy things:

– Made a new header for the blog
– Read The Handmaid’s Tale (again) and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (and have as usual read far too quickly so will have to revisit these at some point)
– Eaten both of today’s lunch and dinner in two instalments
– Bought two gorgeous little summer dresses from H&M (plus boring black work skirt, whose only real redeeming feature is the fact that it, shockhorror, actually fits)
– Rubbed hands in glee at the ASOS order that’s in the post
– Done a wardrobe clearout (to make space, natch)
– Received a compliment
– Written my last set of committee minutes (for now – or at least I will have, once I manage to stop procrastinating)
– Procrastinated
– Started to plan trail routes for the Lakes in July (54 days more to go *squee*)
– Tried to figure out Welsh orthography
– Slept till 11
– Decided that I should give myself a break and that really, I can be quite cute when I put my mind to it, even if I’m a slob at heart. But that too is acceptable.
– Rewritten this post too many times, and then remembered the inevitable fact that it will never be perfect or complete. And that too is acceptable.
– Been happy.

Am off now to finish pesky minutes, have a hot shower, and then, all lotioned and coddled, do splits and read The Name of the Rose.



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