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Sympathy 1 May, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him.

Last night I dreamt that I put my baby in the tumble dryer and you had to dial a code on the telephone to teleport the baby. Then I forgot what code I’d put into the telephone so couldn’t find out where I’d teleported the baby to.

Me: {relating dream} It was awful. I was really distressed! I couldn’t find my baby anywhere.
Him: Well, that will teach you to put your baby in the tumble dryer.


1. Gond - 3 May, 2007

Men, they never understand these things! When you’re looking after a baby it makes perfect sense to make use of the tumble drier.

2. monopod - 3 May, 2007

Exactly. Household appliances should be made to multitask just as much as the rest of us.

3. Marsha - 3 May, 2007

your baby’s here! you teleported your baby to my home!!!! want me to teleport baby back? my tumble drier’s free now! =)

4. monopod - 4 May, 2007

It doesn’t bode well for my future mum-hood does it… 😉

5. Marsha - 5 May, 2007

nah…..don’t think anything about it…you just need to get yourself a new tumble drier! get one with the instant recall button… 🙂

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