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The One In Which Him Is Totally Annoying #2 22 April, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him.

(Since we’re on the subject) (NB: Read this post first.)

I don’t know whether you’ve ever seen (or played with) The Ultimate Puzzle. 16 pieces, 48 solutions, and over 250,000 incorrect ways you can manhandle the pieces.

See, by way of background, I love puzzles. Jigsaws, crosswords, Sudoku, GIMME. Him, on the other hand, thinks they are a total and utter waste of time.

The Ultimate Puzzle is a fiendish piece of work and will give you a headache. Ok, at least it gives me a headache. If it doesn’t give you a headache I really don’t like you very much at all. So finally, after a couple of days of unconsummated absorption, I gave up. Having finally attracted his attention, puzzle finds its way into his grubby little hands.

Him: Hmmmmm.


Him: I solved it.
Him: There.


Me: You SOLVED it? You little rotter! I spent all day on it and you solve it in ten minutes?? I can’t believe you solved it! You –
Him: {beatific smile}
Me: !!!!!!!
{Him falls all about bed laughing}



1. Marsha - 23 April, 2007

hi nat,

don’t worry, we are just NORMAL …. =D

mar xoxo

2. Marsha - 23 April, 2007

Oh yes! And NORMAL people speak NORDIC … that’s our language.

*big grin*

~ Mar xoxo

3. monopod - 23 April, 2007

You see what he did?? Evil sneaky boy. He really had me going for a while there…

And I love your latest post! She’s so cute… and I’m impressed by Josh too…

4. Marsha - 23 April, 2007

*mumble mumble*


5. monopod - 23 April, 2007


6. Marsha - 23 April, 2007

yeah … totally!


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