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I’m With Peabrain 21 April, 2007

Posted by monopod in Him, Peabrain, Self-Absorption.

Me: {reading from the Q&A page in the local newspaper} ‘During the redevelopment of the Belgrade, there’s been some fairly heavy duty equipment used. How do they erect those tall cranes? Surely there isn’t a crane crane?’
Him: Mmm.
Me: Well? Is there a crane crane?
Him: It wouldn’t be surprising if there were a crane crane.
Me: So how does the crane crane get there then? Do they have a crane crane crane?
Him: {deadly seriousness} It’s actually probably a smaller piece of equipment, like a catalyst.
Me: {ignorant bliss} It’s a crane crane crane crane!
Him: {raised eyebrow}
Me: Cranecranecranecranecranecranecranecrane! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!



1. Casey - 4 May, 2007

I always, always, always want to know this….

A friend came up with a possible solution the other day – hydrolics?

2. monopod - 4 May, 2007

I think I read a reply from someone in the next issue of the paper the following week, but it’s gone to the recycling centre so I am unfortunately not in a position to enlighten you… 😛

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