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AWOL and up close and present again 6 March, 2007

Posted by monopod in Blogging, Him, Self-Absorption.

I’ve been away so long I nearly forgot what my password to this site was. The protracted hiatus has meant that first I had lots of interesting things to blog about, then somewhere in the vaults of time I had not enough time to craft them into their blisteringly incisive birthright, and yet later so much time had passed that now I can’t remember what I meant to blog about in the first place.

But I intend to be back properly in due course. For now, Him has provided you with some blog fodder.

Me: I like most people but some people are just really really annoying. Rah! Grrr. Snarl. {gnashes teeth}
Him: It’s that time of the month again.
Me: You’d better not be one of those people who blames everything on PMT.
Him: But it’s true. Everything sort of gets amplified.
Me: AMPLIFIED? What do you mean AMPLIFIED? I’m so normal I couldn’t possibly be more normal. I am uber-normal. I’ll hex you.
Him: I won’t cook you dinner.
Me: Blackmail!!!
Him: No, I’m Chinese.



1. shakeyourbooty - 19 March, 2007

ahahahahahahah HILARIOUS

2. shakeyourbooty - 19 March, 2007

If you notice, it took me a grand total of 13 days to reply, I used to click on your blog every other day but then I gave up somewhere halfway after” the system is down yo” started reverberating through my head for goodness knows how long.

(heh heh.)

3. monopod - 21 March, 2007

Teehee. Don’t hold your breath for the next post anytime soon though. I have an exam coming up 😦

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