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Lakes Conversations 25 September, 2006

Posted by monopod in Him, Self-Absorption, Weekends.

During our aforementioned jaunt to the Lakes we did a whole heap of very satisfying things, including a very satisfying ridge walk from Wasdale Head through Black Sail Pass to Looking Stead, Pillar, Little Scoat Fell, Red Pike and Yewbarrow (the last one incorporating our first – and yes, you guessed it, very satisfying – scramble), which I shall endeavour to write about at some point in the dim and distant future. As usual, conversation was sparkling and witty.


(Upon the occasion of a cow crossing the overhead bridge on the M6, between junctions 16 and 16, at 10.55am on 15 July)

Him: I guess the grass is greener on the other side.


(On the way to Windermere, having bought some methodically-selected antihistamines for my hayfever, with Him concentrating on the road)

Me: Do cats meow in Chinese?
Him: Huh? What?
Me: Cats.
Him: What about cats?
Me: Do they meow in Chinese? You know – dogs woof, ducks quack… so what do Chinese cats do?
Him: I think we bought the wrong Zirtek. We should have gotten the drowsy one.


Me: [mumble]
Him: Sorry, I don’t speak Nordic.


(Him and me on a walk somewhere near Elterwater)

Me: Look how red my knees are. I wonder why they’re so red. Hey, see how white my calves are in comparison.
Him: Mm.
Me: So pristine and pure.
Him: Yes, ok. You have sacred calves.
Me: …
Him: Sacred cows! {gales of laughter}

( … )

(Walking on the side of the road, alternating between bright sunshine and shady bits)

Him: Be careful of cars ok? They may not be able to see you because it takes a while for eyes to adjust when having to move from dark to light so much.
Me: Don’t worry, they’ll definitely see my blindingly white calves.
Him: Yeah, and then they’ll say “Holy Cow!!”

I think Him is making advance preparations for the kind of humour all Dads seem to cultivate. Alternatively it is quite possible that this is merely a function of age. Him is, after all, 29 going on 50, a fact I frequently point out. 29 going on 50 in less than a week, to be precise.



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