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Peabrain Returns 20 April, 2006

Posted by monopod in Peabrain.

Follow-up to Separate Ways

(A promise is a promise, after all.)

So there I am, diligently cleaning up my folders in my work email in preparation for the long-awaited-with-bated-breath move to [shudder]Microsoft Exchange[/shudder]. (Mind you, it’s probably no worse than the system we’re currently lumbered with.)

Deletes Trash
Deletes emails in which I sent some people freakishly large aerial photos
Finds emails from eejits
Rants quietly
Deletes emails from eejits
Deletes emails I’d forgotten existed
Has moment of paranoia that emails I have just merrily deleted will be needed tomorrow
Finds whole stash of posted items

I wonder where these have been hiding. Don’t think I’ve ever seen them before. Therefore do not need them.

Deletes posted items

Deleted items will not be recoverable. Do you still want to proceed?

Deletes posted items

Hey. I wonder what posted items are.

Oooo. I wonder why my diary is empty.

So if I am unexpectedly missing from any upcoming meetings, now you know why.



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