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Animal Magic 8 April, 2006

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

These accidentally fell into my shopping basket on Tuesday when I accidentally found myself in TK Maxx on an evening when Him was in Geneva, blissfully unaware:

Leopard print heels

No less than five eleven people have gasped and said I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!




1. Bev - 9 April, 2006

I LOVE YOUR SHOES!!!!!! I want them too =(

2. monopod - 9 April, 2006

Bev, I will go take a look in the shop again this week… if I see the same pair in your size (you wear a UK 3 right?) I will buy them for you!

3. Bev - 14 April, 2006

i think i wear US 5. Whats that in UK size?

4. monopod - 20 April, 2006

UK 3 🙂 I’ll take a look this weekend ok?

5. Casey - 21 April, 2006

I gasped from afar so you couldn’t hear me.

But, young lady, you were spotted.

6. monopod - 21 April, 2006

Tee hee. I’m glad you like them too! I never thought I’d say it, shallow as it sounds, but fabulous shoes really do improve your day significantly 😛

7. Casey - 25 April, 2006

Don’t forget handbags!

8. Gond - 7 September, 2006


Sho shopping is my least favourite thing in the world just ahead of clothes shopping. Tell me, am I a failure as a woman?

But I’ll do the pretty – love the shoes!

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