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In Memoriam 28 March, 2006

Posted by monopod in Writing.

Another poem, unearthed from another life.

I am in all the hours we have ever spent
I am in all the dreams we have ever dreamt
once in all the rooms we wandered through
now must move into the worlds where you
are absent; and only the recollection of your smile,
touch, smell, taste, remain, while
you drift outward, out of the receiving zone
you are distant, you are already gone, I am alone.

goodbye is so final – I must go,
even if I am not ready, and though
there was something in your eyes
something approaching affection’s guise
something almost like a loving touch
this little is for you too much.

so forgive me for falling in deeper;
for tarrying when I should have departed, my keeper
is not you, nor I yours. Remember these stolen days, mind
these stolen hours, while I find
the capacity to leave these moments behind.

The end of you is where I must begin;
the end of pain and the chaos within.



1. Bev - 28 April, 2006

you wrote this?? i love it. it’s super good.

2. monopod - 28 April, 2006

I did write it 🙂 I’m glad you like it 🙂

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