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A Poem from Yesteryear 3 March, 2006

Posted by monopod in Writing.

I’ve just discovered my collection of writings from when I was 12 up to the time I mostly stopped writing, round about 20. Most of it is a real belly-laugh. A few are less painful (and I’m hoping this one falls into that category).

I love to hang upside down
turn time inside out and walk against the current
create a stir-
in defiance of convention, as it were.
I love to rise against the masses
be the stand-alone in a flurry of sheep
falsify truth and awaken sleep
smile in the midst of a worldwide frown.
I love to walk the path all have gone before
but change the direction of my journey
think of less yet contemplate more
I love to have no sense of the world
To live in oblivion, the world and no action
to leave me full out of the universal faction
to be the soul trapped between the floor
I love to be to the surreal consecrate
I love to from my life deviate
to imagination appeal.
I love to live a fairytale
Princesses get their princes and none will weep
everyone will live happily ever after
I love to live in semi-detached state
fantasy is good and so is the ideal
but truth is real and reality is deep
and reality has no laughter.
I love to play the strong heroine
but this heroine is a fool
I love to live in future tense–
I love to love you.



1. Bev - 7 March, 2006

So nice. I’m going to write a poem too.

2. monopod - 7 March, 2006

Glad you like it 🙂 I’m not sure I do, but it was, after all, a great deal better than the rest of the tripe I seem to have managed to come up with 😉

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