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New Template 28 February, 2006

Posted by monopod in Blogging.

Follow-up to Dice and Nrab

Oi Bev! Is this nice and drab too??



1. al - 2 March, 2006

think i prefer the first one…the white one with trees. it was prettier. this one looks, well, sort of chunky.

hmmmm. 🙂

2. monopod - 2 March, 2006

Hello Al 🙂 Comment noted and will see if anyone else thinks I should move back too 😉

Dad told me that Caitlyn has learnt to throw tantrums 😛 Miss you both a lot and now that we have finally finished redecorating our two spare rooms upstairs I will write to you this weekend!

3. Bev - 3 March, 2006

I prefer the first one toOOO!!!!!

4. monopod - 3 March, 2006

Why? Not drab enough for you huh 😉

Ok, I’m going to pander to popular opinion…

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