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A Meme (because it’s better than writing minutes) 27 February, 2006

Posted by monopod in Blogging, Miscellaneous.

Four jobs I’ve had in my life

1. Intern in a travel agency that was aspiring towards greater things
2. Relief teacher
3. Research assistant working on language corpora
4. Administrative officer

Four films I can watch over and over

1. (Do I really need to tell you again?)
2. Love Actually
3. Notting Hill
4. (I’m not sure. I’m clearly a sap, as evidenced by 1 – 3, so see #1.)

Four TV shows I love to watch

1. CSI (always the original, God bless Grissom)
2. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

(Uh, we’re not really TV people.)

Four places I have lived

1. Singapore
2. York
3. Cambridge
4. Coventry

Four memorable places I have been on holiday

1. Ireland
2. Long Island
3. Austria
4. Wales

Four of my favourite dishes

1. Spaghetti (pronounced pur'getty)
2. Soup
3. Everything else Him cooks.

Four websites I visit daily

1. Google
2. Assorted forums I shall not divulge, where I am, variously, lurker, poster and rabid poster
3. BBC News
4. (see #2)

Four places I would rather be right now

1. In the mountains
2. Near the sea
3. With family
4. In Him’s arms

Oh wait, we can do #4, see ya later…


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