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Fashion Forward 3 February, 2006

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Today I wore (among other accoutrements) my flat silver ballet pumps, funky grey patterned tights, a black tuxedo jacket and these newly-acquired cropped trousers (which stop right at the knee) to work:

Herringbone cropped trousers

Having lately been inspired by people like this to start wearing less boring things and start experimenting a little bit more, I was understandably pleased about my fancy outfit.

That is, until:

Registrar: Have you grown or have your trousers shrunk?

I gave him a Look and he chuckled, owned up to ribbing and that it was in fact very smart (swift comeback, very clever – he’s a lovely man, though, so we’ll forgive him), and that I always looked smart. Which was clearly a blatant lie, but I ignored it in favour of being flattered, as you do.

Of course, I was swiftly brought back down to earth shortly afterward when the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, who had very kindly offered me a lift back to the office so I didn’t have to brave the freezing temperatures outside, commented that he wouldn’t have to use his headlights, such was the shiny brilliance of my silver shoes.

Maybe I should start letting my skinnies and patent leather flats out of the home ground and into the workplace too, just to show them how much worse it could all be.

It could, you know. I could have come in dressed like this.



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