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Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder 17 January, 2006

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Having finally been seduced by the 10% discount on offer, I collected my ‘Eating at Warwick’ card this afternoon from Rootes.

I am fairly confident that in real life I do not look like I have some rare and peculiar form of skin disease. It’s just a shame the digital camera Warwick Hospitality is using to take the photos for these cards disagrees.

Edited to add: Him has also pointed out that I have a halo in the picture. Great. So now I’m an angel with big red welts.



1. Casey Leaver - 18 January, 2006

I wonder why they can’t just use your staff/student ID photo? Or more simply add your cash balance onto your University card?

And don’t worry, surely everybody looks dreadful in those photos.

2. monopod - 18 January, 2006

There isn’t a chip on our Uni cards I don’t think…

And my Uni ID card makes me look like a chipmunk, so that wouldn’t be any good either! At least I can blame the camera 😉

It doesn’t actually bother me. I just found it amusing enough to want to blog about it.

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