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Pronunciation as it Should be Pronounced 11 January, 2006

Posted by monopod in Observations, Self-Absorption.

I’ve been away for a while, as you might have guessed. First with bouts of illness (now tentatively better, but get-well presents always welcome) and then I quit the country in mid-December to have the privilege of meeting my little niece for the first time – more on that, perhaps, in another outing.)

Anyway, it’s old news now (this post has been in draft stage for about a week while I’ve been off doing more productive things!), but in other news, I’ve been reliably informed by the BBC that the mysterious ‘Ming’ I have been hearing about on the radiowaves is none other than Sir Menzies Campbell. Which looks an awful lot like ‘Ming’, now that you mention it.

I once mulled over the possibility of naming a potential future female sprog ‘Siobhán’ after a dearly-loved tutor, but checked myself because at the time we were probably still going to be moving back to Singapore (which is looking increasingly less likely) and the poor child would have had enough to deal with growing up with me as a parent, let alone saddling her with the inevitable years of torture having to respond to teacher’s: “Er… see-ob hahn ah?” “See-ob hahn! Stop talking!” &c.

This has echoes of the Elene/Caitlyn saga…


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