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I’m an Auntie! 25 October, 2005

Posted by monopod in Awwwww.

I am proud to announce that Caitlyn Marie was born at 8.24am Singapore time today and both mum and baby are well – hoorah! Little Caitlyn is apparently adorable, has lots of hair and looks like her dad, although my uncle claims all babies do at the start (paternity claims anyone?).

Bev: She’s so cute! She’s hairy, like Al.

Waiting for photos!



1. Casey Leaver - 25 October, 2005



2. bev - 25 October, 2005

She’s 2.74kg! And SO small and adorable.

3. Casey Leaver - 25 October, 2005

That is a good weight. Good for mother and child.

I look forward to seeing cute photos.

4. monopod - 25 October, 2005

Yes, much better than an eye-watering 10-pounder (or similar) πŸ˜‰

I will post photos if mum allows me to! (And if I ever get any – bev! Get down there NOW with your camera!)

5. Angie Cross - 28 October, 2005

Congratulations, Natalie, and to mum and dad, of course! One request – no horror stories about labour. Don’t want to hear them!

6. Angie Cross - 28 October, 2005

PS: are they pronouncing is Kate-Lynn, or did that argument with you put them off that idea?

7. monopod - 28 October, 2005

Kate-lynn it is πŸ˜‰ Pronouncing it any other way in Singapore would be inviting the poor child to grow up dysfunctional…

8. Casey Leaver - 28 October, 2005

What is the alternative pronounciation?

Is it an Irish name? Like Siobhan and Niamh?

9. monopod - 28 October, 2005

I direct you to this entry πŸ˜‰


10. Casey Leaver - 28 October, 2005

Aaah – does that mean that strangers will spell it Katelyn?

I have a lot of trouble with: Cassie/ KC/ Kasey…

11. monopod - 28 October, 2005

Actually, I think most English-educated Singaporeans would spell Caitlyn correctly (or spell it as Caitlin, which is close enough). A problem would certainly have arisen should they have decided to use the original Irish pronunciation though!

And do people actually think your name ought to be spelt Cassie/KC/Kasey? They should all be smacked and taught proper language, like πŸ˜‰

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