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Nairobi 13 October, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Thanks to the International Office and a graduating cohort of BPhil (Ed) students from Kenya, I got to travel to Nairobi last Wednesday to help shimmy a Warwick degree congregation into place.

Among other things, I learnt (in no particular order of merit):

1) That Kenyans are a wonderfully hospitable and friendly people.
2) That I am terrified of (potentially yellow-fever bearing) mosquitoes.
3) That Doom™ is one heck of an insecticide. I’ve never seen a mosquito fall like a brick before. I should have brought a can back and shipped it to my mum to try on Singaporean cockroaches.
4) That it is very easy to take running water and electricity for granted.

I was also reminded:

5) That patience is a virtue.
6) That it’s the simple things that matter.
7) That you can really do too much Sudoku.

And finally, a conversation:

Me: Thank you very much for the invitation to your party but I’m afraid I’ll have to politely decline as I’ve got to go back to shower and pack before going to the airport.
Tall person: Oh! But there’s not very much of you to wash, is there?

(If anyone from the International Office is reading this, the ceremony went very well and I would very much like to be put down for future trips please ;))



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