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Swamp Thing 11 September, 2005

Posted by monopod in Him, Self-Absorption.

Me: Look, my spots are fading!
Him: Yes, they would fade faster if you didn’t nuke them. A swamp full of mosquitoes doesn’t need a nuclear weapon.
Him: It’s an analogy.
Me: Oh, so now I have a face like a swamp full of mosquitoes.
Him: Bad analogy.



1. Casey Leaver - 12 September, 2005

Now you see – you started that conversation with a trick comment! 😉

The only way he could have got out of that unscathed is by saying nothing.

But I think the nuclear comment comes a close second! 😀

2. monopod - 12 September, 2005

Poor ol’ chap, he was very penitent for the next five minutes 😛

As I pointed out to him afterward, it would have been much better for him to have said “Even a swamp full of mosquitoes”…

3. Bev - 17 September, 2005

It’s so funny how girls pick up on small little things like that =P Guys just don’t get it …haha. (but isn’t it sweet how they try =) )

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