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Vancouver 16 August, 2005

Posted by monopod in Awwwww, Him, Peabrain.

So after nearly two years, Him and I decide it might be a good idea to have a honeymoon.

We walked a lot, ate a lot (Vancouver has a bagillion and one East Asian restaurants, from which we consumed more food than was probably good for the wellbeing of our waistlines), went hiking, biking, fell asleep in front of the sea, wandered around gardens, went to museums, watched far too many episodes of CSI and Law & Order (this is what living without a TV does to you) and talked and talked and talked.

We took some photos:
Paris Hilton
(We did take some more romantic ones but this one was funnier.)

I did myself proud by doing some incredibly stupid things.


On our first (seriously jet-lagged) evening Him tried to peel me off the bed to go get some dinner. Naturally I whinged.

Me: I’m tiiiiirrrred.
Him: Come on, we need to get some dinner.
Me: But I’m tiiiiirrrred.



(Him and me, having bought a pair of two-way radios from Sears and playing with them in the apartment)

Him (in the bedroom): Testing. Testing.
Me (in the living room): Hello! Over! {Hyuk hyuk. I will jump into the bedroom from the balcony and give him a jolly good fright}

I then proceed to jump directly into the glass door, which of course I hadn’t seen.

Me: WAHHHHHHHH. (You can spot a pattern here.)


(After Him has tired of teasing me about the big-baby antics. I forget the context, and it was honestly funnier than it looks here. Actually you probably won’t find it funny unless you’re one of my sisters and can understand Mandarin, not that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.)

Me: It’s like that Monkey God programme. What was that called?
(Him and me in deep thought)
Me: Xi1 You2 Ji4! Journey to the West! … Eh, isn’t Xi1 East?
Him: East is DONG1.
Me: Dong1 sounds like north.
Him: Well, it isn’t. Xi1 is west.
Me: Xi1 sounds like it should be east.
Him: … (looking like he’s wondering how he ended up with peabrain)
Me: …
Him: Dong1 Nan2 Xi1 Bei3. In Chinese it isn’t North-South-East-West.
Me: Dong1 Nan2 Xi1 Bei3. So what’s that then? North –
Him: Dong1 is EAST!!
Me: {gales of laughter}


(Him and me on a bus)

Me: Oh look, they’ve got a JJ Bean here!
Him: What’s JJ Bean?
Me: I dunno.


Me: Ow. I kicked myself.

I think the best part of our honeymoon was the fact that Him still, inexplicably, loves me.



1. bev - 17 August, 2005

so funnnyyyyy… miss u lots nat!! (hey i’m saving up to go to europe!) Not that it’s very successful but I’m trying k….

2. monopod - 17 August, 2005

Make sure you plan a stop in Coventry =D

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