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Naming Baby 16 August, 2005

Posted by monopod in Observations, Self-Absorption.

I’m going to become an aunt in approximately three months and am very excited. I have bought baby thingies to bring back home in December so I can help to start off Baby as she means to go on.

My sister had originally decided to name her Elene.


Me (to mum): How is she pronouncing that again?
Mum: E-leen I think.
Me: Elene is Ell-enn.


Me: Elene is Ell-enn.
She: And why not E-leen? Sounds nice I tell you. If it’s going to be Ell-enn then it sounds like Ellen and I don’t like it anymore. Bah.


Mum: Your sister’s chosen a new name.
Me: Oh no, that’s my fault. I told her Elene was supposed to be pronounced Ell-enn. So what’s the new name?
Mum: Caitlin.
Me: Caitlin isn’t meant to be pronounced kate-lynn. It’s supposed to be pronounced something like cotch-leen. Or koyt-leen. Or kat-leen. Or something like that. Kate-lynn is the American version.
Mum: …


Mum: Told your sister about what you said regarding the pronunciation of Caitlin and she says she is going to wring your neck.


1. Angie Cross - 23 August, 2005

Ah, baby names. Ain’t it fun?! I’ve got to come up with something that goes with ‘Cross’. If I have one more suggestion of Chris, George, Victoria or Charing, I’ll cry!

2. monopod - 23 August, 2005

How about Kingston? 😉

Are you intending on finding out whether baby is going to be a boy or a girl (and you can tell me to mind my own business if you’ve been asked this question a zillion times)?

3. Angie Cross - 24 August, 2005

Oh, grief, not another name to avoid! They’re not going to tell us what it is because we only get one scan and it’s too early to tell. We really wanted to know! : (

We have decided to stick to calling baby AJ for the moment – going for the gender-neutral idea.

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