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Shortism 11 July, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

Or heightism. Whichever. Or divestiture, as I have been stripped of my mace-bearing duties and will now join the great unwashed in other less lordly duties 😉

This is in no way the fault of the lovely Degree Congregation team, though – it is merely the result of looking like I was playing dressing-up with my mother’s wardrobe when trying on the mace-bearing gown.

I bet John (Burrows) was trying not to laugh when he commented that the gown was ‘just about clearing’ the floor (despite 3-inch heels).

There is an interesting outcome to all this, though – apparently my lack of vertical prowess has prompted the DGC team to order in a mace-bearer’s gown for small people! So all of you who are vertically challenged out there and have had dreams of protecting the Chancellor and his posse can thank me for ensuring that you now have a shot at bearing the mace without risking the possibility of falling flat on your face, having tripped on the hem of your mace-bearer’s gown.

I think it’s a little too hot in here.


1. Vicky Theay - 17 July, 2005

Having a house-mate who is 4ft 11′, I can sympathise with your hem/heel/floor dynamic. Its not a problem I share, but I do have a coat that touches the floor and have tripped on it on more than one occasion (as G will tell you) when going upstairs – usually when I’m carrying a cup of tea in one hand and a burger in the other. Lots of people around to stare at you in these situations are of course mandatory!

2. Angie Cross - 11 August, 2005

It’s true, I have stared, laughed and pointed on numerous occasions. But she forgot to mention the bag of crisps and purse being juggled along with said tea and burger. G

3. monopod - 11 August, 2005

Do you have lots of tea, crisp and burger stains on your carpet?

I must get blogging again, I had loads of things to say about our trip to Vancouver but have now forgotten loads of anecdotes…

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