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Small Person on Board 6 July, 2005

Posted by monopod in Self-Absorption.

I’ve been asked to be the mace bearer at two of this summer’s Degree Congregation ceremonies next week. Except I’ve just tried on the gown and it’s handy that I’m wearing 3-inch heels today because otherwise 3 inches of the gown would have been dragging along the floor.

So now Wippell & Co will have to do a rush-job on tacking up the gown for the two morning ceremonies I’m mace-bearing at. It’s also handy that the mace bearer for the afternoon ceremonies on the same days is nearly two heads taller than me.




1. Casey Leaver - 6 July, 2005

That’s a compliment – they only ever choose the very smartest people for mace-bearing duties: Jon Inegbedion, Ben Plummer etc.!

2. monopod - 6 July, 2005

Really? Ooo, that’s nice 🙂

Cathy tells me that Jon Inegbedion is a class act in the art of mace bearing, so I’m going to pop along to the first ceremony on Monday to watch him.

Then I will try to emulate him, if I don’t first fall flat on my face because my foot’s gotten caught in my mace-bearer gown.

3. Casey Leaver - 13 July, 2005

Tom Abbott’s doing it this morning!

I’ve promised to signal to him when the VC’s in position.

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